Drug & Alcohol Testing

Accurate Diagnostics can help you establish a drug free company policy, train your staff and employees, and provide educational materials for your company.

Whether you’re mandated by the DOT to establish a drug and alcohol program, or you would like to create a program to improve your company’s productivity and safety — we can provide programs to serve these needs.

Services administered & managed by Accurate Diagnostics
  • Random Drug Screening Program
  • Third Party Administrative Services
  • Scheduling and Announcement of Testing
  • Electronic and Hard Copy Record Keeping
  • Reporting to Government Agencies
Hair Analysis:

Accurate Diagnostics use the most innovative technologies to analyze hair samples for drug presence. This method can detect drug use for the previous 90 days and is well known as a sure test that cannot be fooled. The hair analysis is emerging as the drug test of choice by most companies around the United States.

How it works: Ingested drugs circulate in a person’s bloodstream; in turn, this nourishes the developing hair follicle. Trace amounts of the drugs become entrapped in the core of the hair shaft in amounts roughly proportional to those ingested.

Why hair analysis? These drug residues cannot be washed away, bleached out, or flushed out and are very stable over time. Thus, an accurate drug history can be obtained from the hair of any individual.

Saliva Analysis:

Saliva analysis is another fairly new innovation in drug testing that many people choose due to its non-invasive nature.

How it works: Trace amounts of ingested drugs are present in saliva. Accurate Diagnostics have the capability of administering tests which will register the presence of these drugs.

Why saliva analysis? Because it is a simple procedure that it is much less invasive than urinalysis, and our technique of saliva test administration prevents tampering and ensures an unadulterated test.


The most common form of drug testing involves taking a urine sample. Urine contains indication of recent drug use, and urinalysis is ideal for random and/or pre-employment testing.

Accurate Diagnostics provide collectors, specimen bottles, and chain-of-custody documentation to facilitate testing and to ensure validity of test.

We will also help you or your company set up a drug-testing program, complete with employee seminars, training, record keeping and reporting.

Fingernail Analysis:

Fingernails, like hair, are made of the protein keratin. Results of a fingernail sample will represent drug use that is approximately six months previous history for a thirty day window of detection.

Fingernails can be clipped, or, if length does not allow, can be shaved in a safe and pain-free sample collection.

Why fingernail analysis? This is commonly used when the person being tested doesn’t have enough hair to sample and is much less invasive then the urinalysis.

On-Site Drug Testing:

Accurate Diagnostics sell top-quality, one-step drug screen tests, which are similar in nature to in-home pregnancy tests.

Employers can use these testing devices and others for screening purposes related to pre-employment, post-accident and other drug testing needs.

These devices can be purchased for as little as $3.00 per drug tested.

Used in a myriad of applications, these devices are very effective in managing an inexpensive drug-testing program which can save many companies.

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